IT Infrastructure Management


Our Offerings Include

Tight budgets force IT managers to make tough choices. Do you spend on time-consuming helpdesk, troubleshooting and remediation? Or do you use those resources to develop tools and services that advance your business initiatives? Let us do the thinking for you and give you the right option and even build on that option for you. The IT infrastructure is no longer single platform environment with few entities. The infrastructure is ever growing & is heterogeneous. It is a mammoth task in many environments to manage infrastructure efficiently. We focus on the infrastructure management based on the following bifurcations:

Mail Client Management:

  • Installing, Configuring and Rectifying e-mail related problems at user level.
  • To provide an alternate route in case of a link failure.
  • Ensuring confidentially of user ID and User security.
  • User ID shifting and installation of client in case of creation of new user.

Back-up and restoration:

  • Performing Back-ups for the Operating systems and Application Software.
  • Ensuring proper storage and handling of media.
  • Maintaining proper records for data back–up scheduling.
  • Sample back-up restoration backed-up on quarterly basis to confirm data integrity.
  • Maintaining Log sheets of back-up for ensuring the integrity & timely scheduled

Security Management:

  • Physical security aspects given priority consideration.
  • Means for Data security are enhanced through user authentications.
  • Managing security with passwords on critical equipment’s.
  • Compliance to customer Security needs and managing the same standard.

Virus Threat Management:

  • Installation of antivirus to be provide by customer
  • Updating antivirus when new versions provided by customer
  • Antivirus software to be provided in case if customer requires.
  • Data recovery process when required/possible.

Asset Management:

  • Careful Asset tracking and analysis of IT equipment, Software Media and Software licensees with a ‘Asset Management System’ and adhering to good asset management practices
  • To ensure the ID Mark on every IT equipment by tagging and maintain the soft copy of all IT assets with their detail configuration and updating the same as and when any changes appeared.
  • Routine Inventory check of the IT equipment

Performance Monitoring and Tuning:

  • Evaluating the system performance under normal and degraded condition.
  • Carrying periodic fine-tuning to ensure enhanced systems performance and network availability.
  • Monitoring server usage statistics in terms of CPU, Hard disk, Utilization, and Memory at various levels.
  • Proactive disk management, creating space by deleting all unwanted data and providing suggestions for capacity planning of desktop space.
  • Regular scandisk and chkdsk of all the desktops local drives

Vendor Management:

  • Keeping a track of Warranty details for all the machines.
  • Maintaining database of Approved vendors, if authorised.
  • Repair /Replacement offsite by external vendors to be carried out as & when required.
  • Vendor Co-ordination and Escalation whenever necessary.
  • Ensure Preventive maintenance schedules incase of machines under Warranty.
  • Vendor performance analysis/feedback.

Report Generations:

  • Complaints logged with history
  • Complete Call report
  • Open Call report
  • Daily Call Log
  • Critical call details and Tracking
  • Escalation report & Escalated Call Status
  • Preventive maintenance report
  • Monthly Response time and Avg. Down time
  • Equipment Usage Report

Support Services

Desktop Support Services:

  • Setting up hardware for desktops and ensuring uniformity as per standards defined by customer.
  • Setting up software for desktops. Includes installing/configuring operating system .
  • Troubleshooting problems related to software’s installed.
  • Installing anti-virus and office automation products.

Server Support Services:

  • Server Administration
  • Desktop Support
  • Managed Open Source Applications
  • Network Monitoring and Support Services

Our network support services include:

  • Proactive, 24×7 network monitoring.
  • Set up firewalls. Configure firewall rules and policies.
  • Recover quickly from virus and worm attacks. Configure software for protection against viruses, spam, and directory harvest attacks.
  • File and print sharing across multiple networks
  • Configure VPN for remote access of company files and network.
  • Dynamic IP allocations.
  • Roaming profiles.
  • Set-up intranet.
  • Perform comprehensive security audits.

Technical Support:

SaiYash focuses on providing knowledge intensive support solutions that can be delivered remotely. We provide high quality, scalable and cost effective solution for outsourcing the technical and IT help desk functions. From our multiple technical service centers equipped with latest call center technology, the technology help desk group provides total support solutions for ISPs, OEMs, software companies and IT needs of companies. The support provided is comprehensive and covers all major operating systems, desktop applications that run the office environment. Our support services allow clients to reduce their support cost by 50%. Majority of our staff members are engineers with all necessary technical certifications and have gone through extensive training in soft skills required for customer support. We can provide you with shared representatives or support personnel dedicated full time to your products. We work with every client to ensure that our representatives match closely with the needs of our client companies.

Software Support:

  • OS (Operating System) & OA (Applications) Support
  • Support on all Application Packages for installation, Version Up gradation, Primary Trouble Shooting, Reinstallation, Loading patches, helping the user of any operational problems.
  • Regular Updating / Upgrading the software to fix the problems