Remote infrastructure management(RIM)

Companies require their infrastructure and applications to be efficient and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With current economic conditions, budgets continue to be stretched while demands and complexities are growing exponentially. With 16+ years Infrastructure Management experience, we have applied group and industry best practices across our global organization to ensure our clients benefit from rapid speed of adoption. RIM offers a number of advantages over traditional infrastructure management solutions, including: process improvements, faster, more flexible service, lower risk of IT failure, and a 30% reduction in operational costs.

Our RIM Solution Includes


SaiYash Remote Infrastructure Management services monitor the remote management of the IT infrastructure of a company, such as its workstations (Desktop PCs, Laptops, Notebooks), communications and networking hardware/software, as well as applications, by a service provider. Our managed service provider (MSP) offer management and support to IT network-based services, applications and equipment to businesses, individuals and other services. We try to simplify remote management process by enabling communication methods, level of control, operator training and handling of performance issues. We emphasize on the fact that implementation of a remote management system improves safety and increase productivity.