Digital Infrastructure

Digital infrastructure supports the use and connections between content, data, hardware and software. We provide mechanisms to establish digital infrastructure and the methodologies needed to enable them to work together effortlessly so that they can be shared, managed, meshed and collaborations can smoothly take place. Our Digital infrastructure solutions can also provide enhanced transformation opportunities to businesses which, by utilizing these new capabilities can provide value added services to customers. Digital infrastructure comprises of composite hardware, software, network resources and services which enable an organization to deliver IT solutions and services to its employees, partners and customers. We provide all of these facilities and also manage the implementation of these resources efficiently.
Digital Infrastructure includes installation of:

  • Security Surveillance
  • Access Control/ Time and Attendance (ACS)
  • Video Conference (VC)
  • Boardroom Automation
  • Video walls (VW)
  • Fire Alarm System (FAS)
  • Electronic whiteboards

Network Infrastructure And Security

Networking plays a major role in any infrastructure. Our network infrastructure solutions keep backend applications available round the clock. Our innovative architecture provides simplicity, scalability, and control for complex IT environments. We enable you to rapidly scale your network with your business, ensuring high performance and low latency. We help organizations to drive down IT costs while improving business productivity and efficiency with a broad range of enterprise networking and security solutions by technologies like Wireless, Switching Routing, Advanced Security Application (IPS, SIEM, and NAC) and Network Management.
We provide solutions like:

  • Firewall and IDS solutions
  • Unified Threat Management Solutions
  • Bandwidth Optimization solutions
  • WAN Analysis solutions
  • Secure Videoconferencing solutions
  • Secure Remote Access solutions

Data Backup And Recovery

Data Backup solutions help to manage Storage space, control people dependency, plan Disaster Recovery, provide Backup window so that the data within the compute infrastructure is available for analysis. We understand the application needs like performance, growth trends, backup approach and also the user central storage needs. We analyse the backup needs and architect the Backup and Recovery infrastructure. Our strategies include Tape Drive Selection, Standalone, Autoloader, Tape Library, SCSI, and FC based, Automated Backup, Solution recommendation, Implementation of recovery solutions. We provide documentation for Recovery procedures and offsite backup and Backup Network Architecting that LAN based, FC based, Host Free (using SAN infra).
Our solutions are:

  • Disk based solutions
  • Point in time based solutions
  • Instant backup solutions
  • Split Mirror based solutions
  • Offline backup solutions
  • Data warehousing solutions